All customers will automatically receive a discount (discount) once they have made adequate turnover with us.

We just want to thank our regular customers for the loyalty and their vote of confidence.

We also wish to express our commercial and freelance clients in a better position to offer its high-quality images even more lucrative terms to be able to.

There are 7 different Discountlevels, which are subsequently broken down.

From Level 3, "Preferred Customer", each customer receives a personal customer card sent to you.

Your current turnover and your discount level, you see directly after logging into your personal area. If you have reached a stage they will be accepted at the next order.

Women with card

  Levels 1 and 2

  Level 3

  Level 4

Level 1: "Top Customer"
needed revenue: 1.000 €
Discount (Rabatt): 5 %
"Preferred Customer"
needed revenue: 5.000 €
Discount (Rabatt): 10 %
Preferred Customer Card
"Gold Customer"
needed revenue: 10.000 €
Discount (Rabatt): 15 %
Gold Customer Card
Level 2: "Pro Customer"
needed revenue: 2.500 €
Discount (Rabatt): 7 %

  Level 5

  Level 6

  Level 7

It will only be considered revenues from 27.01.2010 (the start of the rebate program).

For a Discount level already achieved does not expire, it is required that is re-purchased within one year after the last order with a value of 50€.

Discount levels be considered only when directly referencing on They can not be charged with commissions, discounts or other any other way.

A transfer to other persons is not allowed.

Discount levels are not accepted in other partner stores.

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